Saturday, October 29, 2011

Metis Scrip

Who are Metis Indians?

Metis Indians are aboriginal people in Canada who have ancestors where one spouse is a First Nation Indian and the other spouse is of European descent.  Another word for Metis is half-breed.  Although the term half-breed is not flattering, that is the term that is used in Canadian records.  Metis families are located througout Canada.

What is Metis Scrip?

Scrip, either as land or money, was offered to M├ętis families to compensate them for loss of their Aboriginal title and for grievances that led to the 1885 Resistance. To qualify for scrip that was offered in 1885 the applicants had to prove they were living in the North-West Territories prior to 15 July 1870. Those who applied for scrip from 1886 - 1902 or 1906 had to prove they were living in the North-West Territories prior to 31 December 1885. The land scrip entitlement was for 240 acres that had to be selected from land that had been allocated as homestead land. Frequently this land was a long distance from where the grantees were living so they sold their scrip, often for less money than it was worth to land speculators.

Why is it valuable?

The scrip records contain valuable genealogical information.  Scrip records give birth information (name, date and place), marriage information (names, date, place), father's name, mother's name, children's names.

How do you find the scrip records?

1. Click on the following internet address:

2. In the Keywords box, type in your ancestor's name (e.g. Jean Baptiste Fagnan) and click on Submit.


3. Click on Result #1


4. Look at the extracted results and then click on online.


5. Look at the trascripted record and then click on pg. 2 (Item 2) to view the actual record
6. This shows that Monette is the father of Josephte Fagnan and her mother is Marguerite Grant. It also gives the birth place and birth date of Josephte Fagnan.